Additional Services

Additional Services for Long Papers (20+ Pages Long)

Progressive Delivery

This is a special service designed for a more effective management of long papers. Customers ordering papers that are 20+ double-spaced and 10+ single-spaced will find this service useful because:

  • They are informed about the writing progress as paper drafts are sent to them at various stages of the paper completion process;
  • If the paper needs some improvements, the client can request a free revision during 30 days after the deadline;
  • The paper will be completed by the most qualified and experienced writers in the company;
  • To ensure efficient communication between the client and writer of his/her paper, the order will have a personal manager responsible for the paper completion process.

Drafts Delivery Procedure*:

Papers with 1-4 day deadline: the client receives one draft when 50% of the deadline is left. For example, if the order deadline is 2 days, the client will receive a draft in one day. The length of the draft will be 25% of the final paper, for example, 5 pages if the paper is 20 pages long.

Papers with 5-11 day deadline: the client receives two drafts. The first draft is sent when 25% of the deadline is left, the second draft is sent when 50% of the deadline is left. The length of the first draft will be 25% of the paper, the length of the second draft will be 50% of the paper.

Papers with 12+ day deadline: the client receives three drafts when 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline is left. The first, second, and third draft will be 25%, 50%, and 75% of the paper length.

The cost of the additional service is only 15% of the order price

In case clients need the drafts to be delivered within a different time frame, they can contact the order manager and discuss the individual delivery plan which will then be arranged according to the clients’ preferences.

Additional Services for Short Papers (1-19 Pages Long)

  • A Summary of Your Paper (One Page)

This service is suitable for customers who need the main points of their paper to be briefly summarized in 1 page.

  • Draft of Your Paper (One Page)

1-page draft will be delivered to the customer within 50% of the deadline. One page is equal to 300 words in double-spaced orders and 600 words in single-spaced orders.

  • Extended Revision

The service is suitable for the customers who need more than 48 hours for a free revision of their paper. Extended revision enables customers to request a free revision during 14 days after the deadline.

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