Recently, the most widely discussed topics among the youth appeared to be education and health. If to think why these particular topics are so popular, one might come up with different assumptions. First, these topics are interrelated: the way we study (also including how much) directly affects our health state. Second, these topics are just important for every young person who wants to be successful and fit. Moreover, professors at colleges and universities got to know this trend of discussions and thus began to give more essay assignments on the topics of education and health.

So, many students come to question themselves how to write a marvelous essay on an already widely discussed and analyzed topic.

How to Write a Marvelous Essay on the Topic of Education

  1. Thoroughly study the topic with all of its hidden aspects.

    If you think that the topic is too clichéd to write a marvelous essay about, you are really mistaken. Take a closer look: probably many books, articles, videos, lectures, etc. focused on just one or two aspects of education. Try to analyze it from another perspective. Sometimes, it may seem that you have chosen a really easy topic, but you might make it so interesting that everyone will be impressed with your marvelous essay.
  2. Think outside the box.

    Luckily, teachers nowadays give more freedom to students when it comes to choosing the topic, drafting a plan, and organizing the paper. Some years ago, everything had to be done strictly according to the syllabus. Nowadays, however, this process has become much easier, so students can use their creativity when preparing their marvelous essay. For example, students may choose such topics for discussion as grading, homework, class discussions, distance learning, etc. They do not have to be afraid of their modern or partly revolutionist patterns of thinking or behavior. If they claim that home task is totally unnecessary, they won’t be brought to the principal’s office.
  3. Always work on your self-development and become more well-versed in the educational sphere and the latest advancements.

    If you want to submit a marvelous essay, make sure that you know much more than simply general knowledge on education. Education is a sphere that is constantly evolving, so make sure you are informed about all advancements. Make sure to interact with other students and organize some discussion clubs on this topic. It is advisable to brainstorm some ideas or draw a mind map if you want to create something new on your own. Participate in some exchange programs, get to know the experience of other countries: how the educational process takes place there, what the teacher’s role is, how students learn and interact, whether they have a home task, and so on.

All in all, when providing an essay on any educational topic, also make sure you include specific recommendations on how the system or the way of learning could be improved. Good luck!