Among the diversity of time-consuming writing assignments that students receive on the daily basis, movie analysis essay seems to be the most pleasant task as it involves the entertaining part of watching a movie. However, this type of essay shouldn’t be confused with the writing movie review task as movie analysis essay requires paying attention to much more details than simply retelling the plot of a story.

To make your film analysis essay critical, consistent and strong, follow our tips on how to complete that task perfectly

  • Never read movie reviews or spoilers before watching the movie.

Stay away from these two aspects in order not to get a wrong first impression or have a prejudiced attitude towards the movie just because someone didn’t like it and threw mud at it.

  • Start with watching the movie.

No matter whether you’ve seen the movie a bunch of times or it is your first time watching it, try to fully enjoy the process of viewing letting that movie make impression on you.

  • Watch the movie at least twice. 

Dedicate your first film viewing to emotional perception, while second to observing and analyzing it on different levels from genre and cast to the main topics raised in the movie.

  • Write down your reflections while watching

It will be easier for you to include all the important aspects in your movie analysis essay and not get lost in your thoughts and ideas concerning the topic.

Note: it is advised to create an outline divided into two parts. Fulfill the first part with your emotional feedback and reflections while watching the movie for the first time. Divide your second part into sections like the genre, actors, scenes, music background, main idea(s) and etc. and fulfill these aspects while watching the movie for the second time.

  • Use the compare and contrast technique.

After watching the movie at least two times, you are ready to move on investigating its historic background, specific facts about the plot, cast and directors in order to compare your observations with primary motives of the movie’s creation and connections of events depictured in the movie with some current social, economic, political or any other events and phenomena.

  • Try to stay informed as well as provide your own opinion.

When writing your movie analysis essay, make sure you didn’t miss any important information concerning its pre-filming, filming and post-filming. Is the movie based on a true story or is it a fiction, does it rotated around some urban legend or local myth, does it refer to any specific sphere of life, what about the structure of the movie? It is crucial to include your subjective point of view, too. Mention your opinion concerning the relevance of dialogues and acting cast, did you enjoy music accompaniment or is the plot believable? Discuss the movie’s weak and strong points backing up your ideas with solid reasons why something is great, whereas, something else should have been changed.

Film analysis essay assignment requires some creative approach of its accomplishment. Have an eye on details while watching and conducting a research on a certain movie. Your aim is to explore, analyze, summarize, criticize the movie on diverse levels as well as enjoy writing your movie analysis essay.