Things All Student Miss About College or Uni

You never know what you are going to miss until it ends. When I was a student, I thought of a college as about a nightmare: all these sleepless nights, tight deadlines and being on a short budget just drove me crazy. I felt so powerless that sometimes all the good stuff about student life seemed unreal. Now, I truly miss those times when my bigg...


Benefits of Studying Abroad in a Small Town

Once I have made up my mind to study abroad for one semester in a beautiful Spanish city Oviedo. Actually, the main purpose of my studying there was improving the knowledge of Spanish language. While studying abroad, like lots of other college students I got really fascinated by mild climate of Spain, its tapas culture, amazing beaches, and plea...


Beneficial Effects of Quiet Time for Students

Benefits of Meditation for Students According to the results, which have been recently published in Contemporary School Psychology, it has been indicated that students who take part in Quiet Time prove to be less anxious and agitated. Instead, they are becoming more resilient and self-confident in themselves. These results are ...


What Is the Purpose of Studying Algebra in College?

The article raises the question of the relevance of studying algebra in college. The majority of students find algebra the most daunting and challenging subject in college, as it requires plenty of time and effort. Besides, there is a large number of community college students who are prevented from graduating simply because of failing...

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