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Purpose of the Activity

This lesson activity intends to assess student's communicative skills. This will be achieved by taking a student through a pronunciation exercise where he will be expected to pronounce various words in order to test his pronunciation proficiency. The student will also be expected to construct various sentences using the language to test how well he can communicate using the language.


The students will be tested on their communication skills. They will be assessed in terms of their ability to pronounce different words in the language of the study and their ability to use the words to construct sentences. This will help determine whether students have required communicative skills to use the language effectively in their communication activities.

Using Summative Assessment

Summative assessment can be defined as a process where an educator is able to assess the progress of his students in a given period. A summary is very important as it helps the educator assess how his learners are doing in terms of improving their skills in the field under study. This assessment will be useful to the educator in this case because it will help him grade his learners’ level of language proficiency. He will be able to grade learners according to how they pronounce various words. The most proficient students will be in a position to communicate effectively by pronouncing various words correctly. Those students who are not good in their language will struggle in communicating effectively using the language and they will not manage to pronounce various words correctly. Therefore, the educator will be able to use summative assessment to grade learners in two categories, namely high proficient learners and low proficient learners.

The educator will be in a position to use summative assessment to develop an evaluation design for his students. He will be in a position to design a time frame within which to assess the progress of his student in language proficiency. The test will be able to test the ability of the student to communicate effectively using the language that he has been teaching them. The main objective of the summative assessment will be to determine communication of students using the language that they have been taught by their educator. The time frame will be useful to determine the level of student understanding and applying what they have learnt in real world.

Summative assessment will help the educator to take into account all activities that he has taught his students throughout the year. The activities will be adequately evaluated in the assessment for the purpose of understanding whether students were able to understand the concept relating to the language. The educator will be able to evaluate language proficiency of students by assessing them using things he has taught them in class rather than using things that are outside what they were taught in class. When the educator uses summative assessment approach, he will be in a position to understand what his students can do instead of concentrating on what they cannot do. The assessment, therefore, will be useful to determine how effective students are in their communicative skills, especially in the area of pronunciation and construction of sentences.

Impact of the Lesson Plan to the Student’s Progress

The lesson was of great importance to students as it helped them understand their strengths and weaknesses. The educator was in a position to understand the areas that students are required to improve on in order to increase their language proficiency in the long run. After identifying weaknesses of students, the educator was able to make recommendations on what students should do in order for the, to improve their communication skills. Due to the recommendations, students will be able to do all that is within their power to improve their communication skills. With a help of the lesson, the educator will be in a position to provide guidelines to learners on what their need to do  in order to improve their communication skills, especially pronunciation. The lesson will be used by the educator as a strategy to improve students' pronunciation skills. By improving their pronunciation skills,  students will be in a position to apply their pronunciation skills in their communication. The lesson helped students increase their proficiency in the language in question whereby they were able to come up with well-structured sentences that can be effectively used to gauge their communication skills in the language under review. 

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