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Many people argue that life in a big city is worse that life in a small town. That is not the case, because life in big cities is very loveable. Life in a small town cannot be the same as the big city life. The differences in the standards of living in a big city and a small town are centered on three major issues, namely the environment, the cost of living, and the people. In a big city, the general environment is usually well kept. This is attributed to the fact that these places are highly populated, and hence is the constant need to maintain the environment.

Due to this, the housing projects that are put up are luxurious, and the buildings are the state of art structures. They are beautified by canopies and parks and, as a result, the big towns are very scintillating places to stay. The situation in a small town is the direct opposite of what happens in big cities. The towns are in dilapidated state, and the housing facilities are considered sub-standard by the big city residents. The buildings are usually very old, and the facilities are also not well-established. Most of the small towns lack parks and town beautification programs, and are thus not environmentally attractive.

When it comes to the facilities, big cities can boast of good communication channels. The roads are well paved, all of them with concrete sidewalks and trees to beautify the pavements. The modes of transportation are also well established with electric trains, buses, shuttles as well as taxis. This is a plus point for living in big cities. This has actually made economic activities streamlined, which has supported the fast expansion and progress of big cities. The communication channels are well reputable. On the flipside, small towns have poor connections since the roads are in a bad state to the extent of rendering some places inaccessible by car.

This hampers the general progress of the town, which is part of the reason why many small towns develop at a very slow rate. Business is not efficient due to the environmental bottlenecks. This is another negative thing associated with living in small towns. Communication channels in small towns are not well established as well. There are always faulty communication channels, and the Internet connectivity is always low. This is very inconvenient and makes the gap between small and big cities get wider by the day. This is the reason why small towns are considered ‘shady’.  

Concerning the issue of environment, big cities have a high level of pollution. This is attributed to the fact that big cities are highly industrialized and thus there are large amounts of pollutants released into the environment. This comes with tragic disasters of air pollution, which sometimes extends to water pollution in cases where factory wastes are emptied to the open water bodies. This is one of the major demerits of living in big cities. On the contrary, people living in small towns breathe fresh air, and their chances of falling victims to pollution are very minimal. There are no major pollutants in small towns.

When it comes to the offering of services, big cities are superlative. The basic services that include water, electricity and gas are provided in a better way in big cities. In contrast, small towns are not well serviced. The basic amenities are not well provided, and this accounts for the reason why many people in small towns have boreholes as a backup for water sources. The electricity is not well provided in small towns, and even if it is provided, it is not made available to people in the vicinities of a small town, owed to the slow development rates of small towns. Thus, small towns are not well serviced. Gas channels are also not conventional, and this always makes small towns residents seek alternative fuels by using firewood.

The security in big cities is always in excellent condition. Many people argue that big cities are crowded with people, some of whom are unemployed. This fraction of the riff-raff always engages in petty crimes, which contributes to the increase in insecurity in big cities. To counter this, there is always a beefed-up security system in big cities. There are many police stations, which provide hotline numbers for emergency. The response is on instant, and they are provided with enough patrol cars to ensure that the residents are safe all the time. In contrast, small towns have crimes, but on a small scale owed to the small number of residents. The police stations are always one in a small town, and the stations are understaffed. This is another problem with living in small towns. They are not always very safe like the big cities.

The other major issue with living in big cities is the cost of living. In big cities, the cost of living is usually high as compared to small towns. This is because towns are commercialized, and thus, everything is made available but at a price. In contrast, the cost of living in small towns is very cheap and affordable but is always compromised. This is a very negative point for the life in a small town. It is quite clear that living in big cities has merits and demerits, but the merits of living in a town outweigh the demerits, and hence it is better to live in a big city than in a small town.

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