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The context of the article written is a social scene where individuals meet and interact in order to share and enjoy watching sports. Fans of different sports meet in different areas within a society and are brought together by the common denominator -  the similar sport. Sports unite people of different cultures and backgrounds as they meet to share their passion for a particular game. For example, a sports bar brings together people who love different sports and having their drinks while watching it. The argument on the impact of sports on a community is basically based on this social scene as people from sports bars account for the majority of sport spectators in the world.

The main subject matter of the essay is the impact of sports in a community. Over the years, sports have had a major impact on the society both negatively and positively. This is in relation to community development and violence within a given society. Fans of different sports contribute to the statistics given about sports in a major way.  At times, fans can contribute positively to the perception of a game or negatively. For example, the sport of rugby is usually linked to sophistication as the fans have never brought about violence during or after a match. However, sports like soccer are usually associated with rowdiness, whereby fans from different parts of the world have been noted to cause chaos and fights as a result of the game. This essay focuses on disapproving the underlying fact that sports are associated with violence and hatred among people. The essay has been written with the purpose of outlining the positive effects of watching sports to a community.

Development of the community could also be as a result of watching sports. Individuals watching a particular sport might decide to start their own club, so as to raise money for the society they live in and also to give opportunities to the youth to showcase their talents. Such platforms are important for community development as they prevent idleness within the society and encourage the youth to be active and pursue their talents. Consequently, the community develops along with all its members. In addition to that, the essay argues that watching sports brings people of different social and cultural backgrounds together.

The essay is targeted for individuals who watch sports and the society in general in order to disapprove the fact that sports bring about disorderliness within a community. The author targeted this audience in order to give a positive outlook on the perception of watching sports.

It opens with outlining the view of sports by the society over the years and explains why it is important to change this perception. The author then provides arguments to support the claim that sports are of positive influence in a society and also gives counterarguments that have been provided over the years. The essay gives the audience a different outlook on sports and makes them think differently towards it.

Evidence in the essay is provided in the form of examples of different sports and their impact on the society as well as how the general community views them. The author also provides counterarguments in the essay and how these counterarguments can be countered by the initial argument. For example, the author addresses the issue on idleness brought about by watching sports. He emphasizes that this was better compared to having the youth outside carrying out illegal activities.

In summary, the essay successfully addresses the positive aspect of watching sports and even captivates the reader to view sports from a different perspective. The main arguments in the essay are that watching sports encourages community development and social and cultural diversity. The author also provides counterarguments and their solutions, hence making it easy for one to understand the positive aspect of sports. Eventually, the author is able to make a convincing case against the negative aspects of sports and could woo the society to view sports from a different perspective.

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