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The world is currently facing  the worst environmental crisis for decades. There are various factors that are blamed for causing the current crisis in the world. In  response to overcoming environmental challenges that are posed by different factors world leaders have come up with various measures that are aimed at reducing the impact of environmental destruction   in the world.

There are a number of factors that have caused high levels of environmental destruction around the globe in recent years. Firstly, there have recently been reported high levels of pollutant emissions, especially in the developed countries, which produce the largest percentage of emissions in the world. Secondly, in the developing countries the rate at which deforestation  takes place is alarming. It causes destruction of the most precious kinds of trees in the world leading to high levels of drought and soil erosions (Spash, 2010). Finally, as a result of high levels of industrial growth, many countries are emitting poisonous chemicals in water bodies, for example Nairobi River which is found in the capital city of Kenya is highly polluted now. There has also been noise pollution in the world as a result of high industrial growth both in the developing and developed countries in the world.

As a result of the above environment destructions, high levels of soil erosions, global warming, high levels of drought in many parts of the world, water pollution leading to waterborne diseases and finally, diseases which have been caused by environmental destruction such as skin cancer among have been reported (Pearson & Palmer, 2000).

In response to the current environmental crises in the world, a number of environmental destruction management forums have been organized leading to international agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol.  One of the solutions to the environmental issues that have been suggested during these forums is that the countries around the world should reduce their pollutant emissions levels by fifty percent by 2020 (Liverman, 2009). This suggestion was made in the Kyoto Protocol agreement in 1992, though the United States of America opposed to the suggestion thereby, greatly hampering effective implementation of the solution around the globe. (Treasury, 2006).

A part from that, the most developed countries which have been blamed for causing major environmental destruction have been requested to pay the developing countries compensation for the destruction of the environment that they have caused. Though, this solution has been fiercely opposed by China and the U.S.A which are the major contributors to industrial pollution, as they fear that these suggestions would greatly have a negative impact on their economies. Another solution that is currently implemented in different parts of the world is usage of renewable sources of energy as an alternative to non renewable energy sources. This has led to emergence of solar energy which uses sun to generate electricity energy and wind generated electricity which uses wind as a major source of energy. These two alternative sources of energy have been effective in reducing environment pollution especially  pollutant emissions in the environment (Aitken, 2010).

Finally, countries have been encouraged to increase forestation. As a result many countries are encouraging their citizens to plant trees in order to make the world green. The world environmental management body usually recommends the countries to ensure that ten per cent of their land mass is covered with trees. Though this solution has not been fully implemented, it will play a major role in resolving the current environmental crisis in the world (Carbon, 2009).

In conclusion, to have clean and safe environment in the world, countries should cooperate in implementing various environmental policies.

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