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Information resources provide vital information that an organization needs to operate effectively and efficiently. An organization should manage its information systems effectively to ensure that the data that is available to the organization is up-to-date. An up-to-date information system will enable the organization to deal with emergent issues in the field management. Therefore, there is need for the organizations to come up with strategic ways of managing information system.

In the field of strategic management of information system, there has been emergence of various management information system applications. MIS applications are used in the analysis and facilitate both operational and strategic activities. Strategic management information system entails the study of various ways in which groups, individuals and organizations design, evaluate, manage, implement and make use of systems to generate data that can be used to improve effectiveness and efficiency in decision making. There has emerged a new method of marketing that seems to be aimed at killing advertisement industry. This new move has made many organizations move from traditional forms of advertisement to new forms of managing information resources within an organization. The introduction of the new forms of advertisement is aimed at transforming the industry of advertisement rather than killing the entire industry advertisement. The new development has been brought with an aim of helping organizations to run their marketing programs at a lower cost than they would use if they were running commercial adverts in TVS.

In the article by Dan Farber ‘Dish Chairman Charlies Ergen: I don’t want to kill ads’, the author explains the emergence of new technology aimed at reducing the cost of running advertisements. There has emerged a new technological device known as Dish Hopper that is aimed at transforming the way commercial information resources are released to the intended audience. According to the article, Dish Hoppers will be used as information tools that will be vital in reducing the cost of advertisement and at the same time ensure that information relating to organization products is readily available to the public. The article argues that the new development has not been received well by the players in the advertisement industry, who believe that the new technology is aimed at killing advertisement. The introducer of the new information management system/technology is opposed to the misleading argument that is being put forward by the other competitors in the advertisement industry. The company introducing Dish Hopper claims that its new product is aimed at reducing the cost of advertisement. The new technology has led to a lawsuit being filed against the new product as the defendants argue that it will kill the other forms of advertisement. If the company manages to introduce Dish Hoper, it will bring great changes in the way adverts are managed. Currently, companies are spending millions of dollars in running commercial adverts. Dish Hopers will ensure that the companies are able to save millions of dollars that they have been spending on commercial adverts. In addition, Dish Hopers will enable companies to manage their adverts by changing them without incurring extra costs as in the case of the current commercial advertisement climate.

The introduction of Dish Hopers is a great move that will transform the way organizations manage their information, especially the information relating to the type of products they sell to the general public. The technology will be useful in reducing the cost of running MIS applications in an organization. In conclusion, companies should embrace Dish Hoppers as they will transform the way the companies manage their information.

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