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A level playing field is a conception about impartiality and fair treatment to everyone in a given field. It is mostly applied to the work in relation to a gender difference and equality. It does not suggest that every worker has equal opportunities; however, it implies that everyone in that field should follow exactly the same set of rules. Workforce diversity is essential for organizations; consequently, the company needs to be flexible, proactive and defensive of every worker (Dass et al., 1999, p. 51). Therefore, gender balance is a relevant issue for most businesses, particularly those of the twenty first century.

Deutsche Telekom has an upper hand in increasing its success by incorporating women into its managerial positions. Gender balance in the company will enable it to bring together complementary leadership skills. Quality of decision making in Deutsche Telekom is likely to tremendously improve since women are known for bringing new concepts and skills to the boardroom (Wittenberg-Cox, 2010, p. 121). Women today eagerly introduce elaborate working techniques to enable them to do their best to the interest of the company.  They are passionate about their work and are more success-oriented than the male counterparts. This makes women to be committed and dedicated to their work; hence, Deutsche Telekom is bound to realize its missions and visions. Women enhance the creative nature of a business by contributing innovative business ideas (Konrad, 2006, p. 35). In present time purchasing decisions in most markets are made by women; therefore, incorporating them into the business will expand the market scope of Deutsche Telekom. Balancing the workforce will influence the ability of the company to attract shareholders. Women are also extremely diligent and are patient to learn from others, which distinguishes them from men. However, the female workforce may receive certain resistance from the already present male workforce. Employing more women in the company may seem like a threat to the present workforce, and the male’s response to introducing such new policy may be negative. Instances of discrimination may also be experienced in the company since the concept of fairness may be misunderstood (Wittenberg- Cox, 2010, p. 51). Differences are often bound to cause problems not making gender diversity an exception.

Incorporating women to the workforce in Deutsche Telekom may provoke numerous issues. For instance, internal pressure may arise due to the gender change in the team. Perspective differences of the workers can bring the company immense profit and numerous vital business opportunities. Therefore, it is advisable for Deutsche Telekom to support significant differences and similarities among the workers to sustain pluralism (Dass et al., 1999, p. 43). Worker’s long term learning makes them broaden perspectives, which leads to the development of creative thinking. It is obvious that employing new women will mean introducing legitimate policy and refreshing perspectives of the company. These perspectives can provide new opportunities to the entire company; therefore, it is a rightful decision to eagerly accept these differences in the present workforce. Issues related to discrimination and fairness are bound to arise after women’s incorporation in the managerial positions (Wittenberg-Cox, 2012, p. 73).At the same time, this novelty can cause problems to the company since the workforce will not be united. Nevertheless, it is essential for Deutsche Telekom to assimilate workers and try to create a level playing field for all workers. Giving all employees an opportunity to feel equally appreciated will enhance interaction among them, and can build strong relationships between colleagues. Therefore, the company should deal with this issue through sustaining homogeneity among the workers (Wittenberg- Cox, 2010, p. 125). Only such changes will encourage workers in the company to unite.

Changes in work-family programs are also bound to provoke certain issues that may affect the success of the company. Through expansion of parental leave programs, the company is bound to keep the workers out of work for long. During this time, certain work skills may regress and one may get another job somewhere else. The results can cost the company enormous sum of money since it may lose its workers and the most important element - credibility.  Flexible working hours for managers is a substantial issue to incorporate in the company. However, managers prefer having free weekends, and flexible working hours will mean working just few hour. . It will also mean that there is no level playing field for the entire workforce, which can cause serious outcomes (Konrad, 2006, p. 73). It is advisable that Deutsche Telekom introduces policy that will protect all workers’ interests, not just managers’. Prolonged leaves should be revisited again to make equal opportunities for the workers, which will not have adverse effects on the company’s success.

Germany is rated high in cases of individualism and uncertainty avoidance. The country, however, rates low when it comes to humane orientation. There are some cultural realities about women that require critical addressing by Deutsche Telekom. For example, the biological distinctions between men and women often increase the chances of considering females more problematic in comparison with males. It is believed that they need more time to spend with families than men. However, in the twenty first century the company should note that women have the same talent and are keen on shaping the market and business culture as well as enhance working practices (Konrad, 2006, p. 82). Therefore, it is essential to understand that today even men are involved in family affairs, but they still engage in work and do their best. Subsequently, why not to give to women a level playing field?

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