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Single-wing issue, also known as special-interest terrorism, is a form of terrorism. It is different from traditional forms of terrorism that are popularly known as right-wing terrorism and left-wing terrorism. In this form of terrorism, the extremist groups usually follow resolving specific problems affecting their lives, other than affecting a widespread form of political change in their society. They tend to engage in violence with an aim of forcing the authorities to meet their demands. On the other hand, left-wing terrorism is a tactic that is widely used by those seeking to remove power capitalist government and replace it with a better one which is run under socialism ideologies.  Those who engage in left-wing terrorism tend to view capitalist government as a government that is aimed at enriching a small section of the society. Thereby, left-wing terrorists call for change in order for the state resources to benefit all the members of the society.

There are a number of left-wing terrorism related articles in the Los Angeles media. The articles represent a number of issues that the left terrorism groups are seeking to be addressed by the relevant authorities. The first article that is related to the left-wing terrorism is about the dreamers who confronted Sherriff Baca, which led to six of them being arrested. They were opposed to deportation of some of their fellows. The second article is about the groups that conducted campaigns to raise funds for the war and political prisoners. The next article that is related to left-wing terrorism is on a group, United Voices of Pomona, which holds various demonstrations calling for their mayor to resign from office.  The next article relating to left-wing terrorism is on protest that was conducted by immigrant communities in Ontario, opposing the immigration rules that empowered the authorities to check them at various designated areas (Wilkinson, 2006).  The next article that demonstrates some aspect of left-wing terrorism is on the demonstrators who protested in support of Long Beach Walmart employees who were seeking better payment. The protestors were showing social solidarity with the employees who were demanding for higher wages and other improvements in their work environment. Another article that indicates an issue that is related to left-wing terrorism is on the protest opposing drug abuse in the country, which was organized across the United States. The issue that is raised in the article is related to the fight against the drugs in the society. In addition, the articles demonstrate that destruction of the environment by industries is another issue that has led to the emergence of left-wing terrorism in the society, thus, leading to public outcry.

One of the causes of the issues that are raised by the left-wing terrorism extremists can be linked to inequality in the society. Most of the issues that are identified in the website arise due to social inequalities in the society. Those who are involved in left-wing terrorism, as it is shown in the articles, are more concerned about the economic inequality that is experienced in their societies (Alexander & Pluchinsky, 1992). They are using strikes and protests as a mean of bringing the capitalist government to act on their grievances. The issue of inequality in their societies, where some people are treated unfairly by use of existing laws, can be said to be the major reason behind the quest for social, economic, and political equality by the left-wing extremists.

In these articles, the extremist groups’ methods to fight for equality can be linked to terrorists groups. One of the terrorist groups that the extremist groups represented in the Los Angeles website is the Palestine Liberation Organization. The tactics of organizing protests and forcing people to take part in the protest with an aim of forcing the capitalist government to enact social policies that will bring equality in the society in question has been widely used by the light-wing terrorist groups in their quest for equality in their country of operation. The main objectives of the extremist applied tactics that are linked to terrorist groups are to enhance their effectiveness in forcing the government to listen to their grievances and act on them. The tactical terrorism methods that are used by the left-wing terrorist groups and are discussed in the website include organizing violent strikes and showing solidarity with those who are seeking for equality in the society including other methods.

In most cases, the application of terrorism tactics by left-wing extremist can result in political unrest or public disorder. For instance, extremist group calling for mass action without following proper procedures may result in the destruction of property and loss of lives. The tactic of using violence as a mean of making the government pay attention to their grievances is very dangerous, since, in most cases, it causes public disorder as a result of running battles between police officers and protesters. Therefore, left-wing extremists use tactics that are not conducive for peaceful coexistence of the members of the society.

In the Los Angeles website, the issues relating to left-wing terrorism have been adequately addressed. The forum provides evidence on some of the issues with which the left-wing extremists are concerned with, and which lead them to call for mass protest and seek for the capitalist governments to descend from power. The forum also provides information relating to tactics that are popularly used by left-wing extremists in their quest for equality in the society. The forum provides evidence relating to how various left-wing terrorism groups apply violence to force people to participate in their activities. The forum also makes the reader understand the reason behind the rise of the left-wing extremists in any given society. The website, therefore, provides a good forum for anyone who is interested in studying left-wing terrorism.

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