Buy custom Public Diplomacy and the News Credibility of Radio Sawa and Television Al Hurra essay

Radio Sawa and Television Al Hurra stations transmitted through satellites have a massive audience in the Arabic countries where it sets its target. The stations has since its inception increased its audience and many of those watching the Alhurra TV station and listening to Radio Sawa believe in their credibility to deliver news to them in time. A survey shows that most of the people who are fans of these stations believe that the news is reliable and credible. The news in both stations serves as a good programming factor for all its audience. This means that many people view the news broadcasted in a positive manner. The two stations are among the top favorites for many fans who prefer to watch or listen to the news broadcasted from one of the stations. The credulity of the news recorded a major increase in three countries even though other countries still have doubts on the credibility of the news.

However, the number of people listening and watching the station does represent a positive figure on how the view the United States. Most of the people who were interviewed, especially university students, do not see a connection between the credibility of the news and their love for the stations and feel about the U.S. This shows that despite its efforts to use the satellite stations to appeal to the Arabic populations, the two stations have done little to change their attitudes. Some of the students even claim that despite their love for the music and the reliable news they receive from the stations, their attitudes have worsened because they feel the United States is trying to appeal to them using the stations. He people believe that improving its image is only possible if it changes its position on some of the major decisions it makes regarding the countries in Asia.

The United States can only change the perceptions of the Arab population if it changes its position regarding the Palestinian and the Israeli conflicts and leave their countries alone. This shows that its efforts to reach and change the attitudes of the Arabic population failed as the stations fail to deliver the right message about the United States. Critics claim that despite its efforts to integrate different music from different countries in both stations, people still believe that it does not change what people think of the country. The United States needs to put in more efforts in improving its image by using other means like reaching those people on the ground that have a very negative image of the United States. The Public Diplomacy has to focus on the people in the remote regions who are the ones having the negative image by formulating ways of reaching this audience and changing their view of the states. This can be done by evaluating the people receiving their transmission and identifying their initial thoughts of the states before listening or watching their satellite stations. It has to focus on maintaining a strong embassy outreach in the Arab world including the presence of Arab speaking personnel who can participate in discussions in media houses. The other way to improve its image is by educational exchange programs that will give the students in the Arab worlds a chance to interact with the U.S. students. The Sawa radio station and Al Hurra need to adopt more integrative methods of broadcasting that will appeal to the audience in the right manner and not paint the states as a country that is trying to change its image by manipulating the people. This way people will think see the news broadcast as a source of enlighten and have a different view of the whole situation. 

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