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Tips on Writing a Law Essay

If you are a student studying law as your major, you will definitely need to learn how to write law essays. There are many law essay examples on the Internet nowadays, so it should not be so difficult to prepare a well-written paper. In a law essay sample found on the web, you can get familiar with the structure and organization of the essay.

How to Write a Law Essay?

There are such law essay tips that will help you succeed in law essay writing:

  1. Make sure the paper is properly planned, thoroughly researched and well argued. You can find a law essay example on the net and see the main peculiarities of essay planning.
  2. Read attentively the essay topic and the task what you have to write about. Strictly follow the requirements and do not include any irrelevant things that your professor did not ask you to. In case you have to come up with a topic on your own, make sure you consult with your professor whether the topic you have chosen is appropriate. In case it is difficult to formulate a topic on your own, search for a law essay example on the web and check on some sample topics.
  3. Law writing requires extensive research, therefore devote sufficient amount of time to reading the required materials and also looking through your class notes.
  4. Brainstorm ideas. As soon as you have researched the key ideas that fit your topic, try to juggle with them and organize them into sub-topics. For example, you might organize them with the help of a mind map (or ideas map), a graph or a list with bullet points.

How to Properly Research Your Topic?

  1. Find out what types of sources you need for the paper (primary, secondary or tertiary, or all of them?). Tertiary sources are those that compile information from primary and secondary ones, for example these could be dictionaries, encyclopedias, guidebooks, etc. Tertiary sources provide assistance in finding secondary and primary ones.
  2. Clarify whether you are allowed to use online sources for referencing. Essay writing examples will help you find appropriate web sources.
  3. Consult specialized academic search engines. For instance, WorldCat, Lexis Nexis, Google Scholar, Westlaw, and others. Each of them will be more relevant to specific types of essays.
  4. Gather the sources where you have found suitable information and read them. Highlight key ideas and make notes. Therefore, always keep a piece of paper or a notebook with a pen or pencil when you are in the process of literature research for your essay topics.
  5. Write down an outline for each relevant source. Provide a concise layout of the argument and add some helpful quotes.
  6. Search for “for” and “against” arguments to your topic. Have a look at an essay sample: there is always a paragraph with a counterargument.

How to Draft an Essay?

  1. Come up with a strong and clear argumentative thesis statement. To make it clear for yourself what kind of a thesis is argumentative, have a look at an example essay.
  2. Write a detailed plan or an outline.
  3. Write an introductory paragraph paying special attention to the background information on the topic.
  4. Develop your arguments in the subsequent body paragraphs. Ensure proper paragraph structure with topic and closing sentences. See examples of college essays on the net. Do not forget to provide a counterargument paragraph.
  5. End the essay with a conclusion, which sums up the argument without word-for-word restating of each point. Find some college essay samples to write a proper conclusion.

Final Stage of Writing an Essay:

  1. Format the paper. Make sure it follows the required citation format, double-check the layout, citations, quotations, etc. Check on the word count limit.
  2. Proofread the paper. Try reading it starting with conclusion and finishing with introduction. Read it aloud and check whether there are any spelling errors. Search for typos as well.
  3. Revise the paper and ask for a feedback from your friends, group mates, and your professor.

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