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The poem by Anne Bradstreet ‘To My Dear and Loving Husband’ starts by looking at the compatibility that exists between the husband of the speaker and the speaker herself. After describing the compatibility the speaker moves to the next step and describes the relationship that exists between her and her husband. The author describes the reader how she values the love that she usually receives from her loving husband. She tells that her loving husband is strong and uses the poem to make a promise to her dear husband of how she will always love her husband at all times. At the end of the poem, the author argues that the husband should be ready to do all he can to protect the love that exists between the two so that it will last forever.

The author uses the poem to express her feelings towards an individual that she truly loves. She uses an appealing language in her poem which is both attractive and interesting to the reader.  She applies various linguistic devices in the poem such as rhythm to make a specific effect on the reader. She uses repetition to express the most important aspects of her poem. The poem is one of the best love poems that I have ever read. It clearly provokes the feelings that one has toward the person she or he is talking about. The poem can be used by an individual to express his or her feelings about the other individual. For instance, the author uses exaggeration to bring to the reader an image of love that exists between her and her husband. She uses words that bring the picture of the future that she wants to her dear loving husband. In conclusion, the poem is very substantive and I recommend everybody to read it.

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