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Writing an Essay for Politics and International Relations

Despite the fact that the time of your finals is the most challenging and stressful, it is also important for your academic career. In particular, academic writing helps you develop quick decision-making under pressure and think critically and analytically. From politics essay examples found on the Internet, you might get understanding of how the essay should be written. So, looking through a politics Essay sample is also a good way of gaining mastery in academic writing.

How to Write a Politics Essay?

1. Be interested in the topic you have chosen. If the topic is boring to you, the whole process of writing will be a burden and none of your readers will be impressed with your paper. Therefore, think carefully what you are interested in and only then choose the topic. Only when you have interest in the topic will you be able to provide an interesting and appealing essay. Very often, women rather than men are afraid to seem provocative with their arguments. Thus, to provide a stronger and more solid argument, it is perfectly normal to argue the opposite of what you think.

2. Still hesitating how to write a politics essay? One of the main politics essay tips is to think like a political theorist, International Relations scholar, a political scientist or any other scholar adjacent to your chosen discipline. Depending on the branch of politics or IR, you will have to structure your essay differently. Look through a specific politics essay example to check it out.

3. Demonstrate that you have in-depth knowledge in different areas of politics and international relations. While writing make references to interdisciplinary phenomena. Please look through politics essay examples to get the idea of how to implement concepts from adjacent disciplines into politics writing.

4. Provide citations for supporting materials or examples that you took from the outside sources. Focus on special contributions of particular scholars.

5. Be confident in what you claim. Avoid vague statements such as, “It seems,” “I think that maybe…” etc. Please see Essay writing examples to know how to properly express your opinions and defend arguments depending on the Types of essays and essay topics you are assigned.

Tactics of Writing

1. Carefully read the assignment and try to understand what you are supposed to write.

2. Come up with a clear and argumentative thesis statement. Make sure that your readers understand where your thesis is and what you will argue throughout the essay.

3. If needed, provide definitions for some specific terms. You might have probably seen in some essay sample that when writers do not define some specific terms, it is hard for readers to understand what the paper is about.

4. If the question is too broad, limit its scope so it could be fully discussed in an essay. See an example essay on how to narrow down the topic.

5. When making assumptions about the topic, make them clear.

6. Choose words carefully and adhere to the principles of academic writing. Please see examples of college essays to get more familiar with academic vocabulary.

7. Manage your time: 5-10 minutes for planning stage, 45 minutes for writing the paper, 10 minutes for proofreading.

8. Leave introduction writing till the end. First develop the main argument and then the introduction will be easier to write.

9. To ensure easier navigation throughout the text, use subheadings.

10. Do not write too tight – leave space to add sentences.

11. Be legible.

Work on Revision

1. Look through your college essay samples and do the readings. Pick out issues that are interesting to you and that you are enthusiastic to write about.

2. Check on whether you have sufficient evidence to support your arguments.

3. Ask for a feedback from a classmate.

4. Check whether you have a properly developed thesis and supporting arguments.

5. Double-check whether each body paragraph starts with a topic sentence. Is the argument development coherent?

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