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How to write a research essay?

I. Select the topic

1. When selecting a topic, ask yourself such questions, is the topic well researched? Is there enough information I can get to properly examine the issue? Can I offer some fresh opinions to the issue? Is the topic related to my field of studuing?

2. Choose the topic you are interested in. Writing about something you do not enjoy will not do you any good.

3. Demonstarte your original thinking and try not to choose such topic that will be probably selected by half of your class.

4. If you are still wondering how to write a research paper essay sample, address your professor for a piece of advice. He/ she will surely help with some interesting ideas.

5. Do not be afraid to change the topic in the process of writing. It does not always mean that you will need to rewrite everything from scratch. Sometimes adding some adjustments is better than writing about something you do not want to.

II. Conduct the research

1. Find sources for the research. These could be books, scholarly journals, blog posts, interviews or web sources. Look through some Research Paper Example on a similar topic – it will help you find some sources related to your research as well.

2. How to write a research essay and get an A? Make sure you include empirical research and peer-reviewed sources.

3. Among the other research essay tips is to visit the local library, especially if your topic somehow relates to the area you live in.

4. Find a scholarly search engine and start looking for some forums, websites or a research essay example. If websites end with .org, .edu, and .gov, then they are safe to use.

5. Use special academic databases. Some of them can be accessed with the help of your university membership.

6. Be creative with your research. You might as well gather some ideas for writing from research essay examples.

III. Draft an outline

1. Provide an annotated bibliography for your researched sources. Such research writing strategy will help you indicate the key points from each source and remind you why you have chosen this specific book or article.

2. Organize the notes. Take all your highlighted or underlined phrases and sort them out depending on the topic or aspect of the problem. You might use a mind map or a list to structure them.

3. Prepare a draft of your reference page. See essay writing examples if you don’t remember how to format citations, quotes or organize the bibliography.

4. Specify the goal of the paper. Depending on the types of essays (whether analytical or argumentative), you will have to structure yours accordingly.

5. Judging from your essay topics, identify your target audience. Then adjust your paper layout and information accordingly.

6. Formulate a thesis statement. Make sure it provides an answer to the main essay question (the answer should be argumentative). Find an essay sample to know how to wrte a strong and argumentative thesis.

7. Determine the key points that you will focus on in the body paragraphs.

IV. Write the paper

1. Develop your body paragraphs. Find an example essay and get familiar with the structure: a body paragraph should have a topic sentence, example and supporting evidence, and a closing sentence.

2. Look through examples of college essays and write a conclusion properly summarizing the key aspects discussed.

3. Finally, write the introduction after you have a clear picture of what your paper is about. Do not repeat information from conclusion.

4. Document your paper according to the required formatting style. See college essay samples to get the basic of APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, and other styles.

5. Edit and proofread your draft.

6. Switch over to writing the final draft.

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After attending this weeks’ geography class, I have found the concept of tsunami early warning system in tectonic environments of earthquakes and the need to regulate consumption of fossil fuels is an interesting topic to discuss in this short assignment. To start with, earthquakes have ...

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Many expectant women across the world are not informed of the complications and risks involved with pregnancy. Most of them perceive pregnancy as only a means of giving life but do not consider maintaining a healthy lifestyle during this crucial period. They do not practice precautionary habits in ...

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Introduction Global warming is an elevation of the temperatures on the earth’s surface resulting from the greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emission from fossils burning and deforestation trapping the heat that escapes from the earth’s surface. There is a continuing controversy ...

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The debate between the realists and idealists has led to the emergence of other arguments over the decades, thus, presenting a scenario where there are debates based on previous ones. Although the consensus may never be reached, there are aspects that reveal some form of truth in matters relating ...

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Various definitions have been advanced to explain the meaning of invention. For the purpose of this work, invention will be used to refer to anything that is created for the first time through the use of human imagination. This often contracts and conforms to the atheist perspectives of innovation ...

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Understanding IT for a Competitive Advantage Competitive advantage is the strategic edge one business entity has over its competitors its industry. Competitive advantage helps a business to thrive within in the face of wild competition. Additionally, whether one is an employee or a business entity, ...

IT Project Management: Mitigating Failure essay

An IT project may fail due to various factors. A team may have poorly performed some tasks or not done important things required of them. Every project must have a goal and a vision. For instance, a project, Standard for Wearable Cuffless Blood Pressure Measurement Devises, is aimed at developing a ...

Jacket-X Corporation essay

Jacket-X is a leading manufacturer of industrial grade gloves and jackets. The company is located in a large city where it produces jackets which are mainly used by professionals dealing with safety related applications. The company also deals with the manufacturer and development of new designs ...

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Question 1: Lack of properly established civilian institutions in Latin America created loopholes that allowed military dictatorship to thrive. The military had a more cohesive structure of administration that enabled military regimes to seize power easily. Military juntas created the notion that ...

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Introduction The need to maintain cohesive societies has remained one of the areas of focus for many governments and stakeholders across the globe. Körppen (2007) argues that, for any country to succeed there is the need to ensure that, a healthy relationship with  its neighbours is ...

Nationalism essay

Nationalism between 1870 and 1918 According to Oxford Dictionary, nationalism refers to the desire of a people sharing a common language, race and/or culture to be self-governing (sovereign). During the years 1870-1918, or there about, the pundits of the time, such as Joseph Chamberlain, came to ...

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All sources of energy have some drawbacks regardless of whether their clearly acknowledged merits.  There are both risks and benefits brought by the use of nuclear energy as a source of power. Even the use of hydropower has its negative ramifications. The spectra of effects, posed by the use ...

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Introduction Qualitative field study is a research method concerned with analysis of population phenomena using non-statistical methods. It uses detailed description as a way of examining certain problems and issues under study. The difference between qualitative and quantitative research is that ...

The Influence of Pan American World Airways on the International Airline Industry essay

Pan American Airways is considered one of the most famous and successful airline industry in the United States’ aviation history. The airline served as an international leader in the aviation industry through transportation of peoples, goods and mails throughout the world. It was founded in ...

The Ku Klux Klan essay

Part I. Introduction The Ku Klux Klan is also known as the KKK. This group was most prominent in the late nineteenth century and the mid twentieth century. Unfortunately, even in current times the group is still quite strong. This is an extremists’ group that aims at spreading their views to ...

The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 essay

Following the results of World War I, allied victors (mainly British Empire, France, Italy, and Russia) congregated to confer the terms for peace for the conquered central powers (German, Hungarian, Bulgarian, and Turkish). This was after the armistices that were arrived at in 1918. The conference ...

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Tracking of locations cannot be done using a single technology but rather a combination of technologies which to create a tracking systems. These tracking systems can be used in locating human beings, animals and vehicles. The systems can also be used in delivering location-specific services ...

Two Sides of the Same State essay

People go great lengths in order to express their strengths or positive sides while hiding or covering up their vices. However, this has nothing to do with the city of Athens and its citizens. This is revealed in the readings entitled “Pericles’ Funeral Oration” and “Melian ...

Urban Cycling essay

1.       Introduction 1.1.        Background According to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2007 report [1], climate change has been happening for many decades. One of the most significant discussions throughout the world is the ...

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From 1607 to 1865, the U.S. underwent major changes, most of which still have an impact on the modern America. It is notable that, during that time, America had undergone several wars, which significantly affected the U.S. economy, as well as its relationship with international community (Robert ...

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