Buy custom IT Project Management: Mitigating Failure essay

An IT project may fail due to various factors. A team may have poorly performed some tasks or not done important things required of them. Every project must have a goal and a vision. For instance, a project, Standard for Wearable Cuffless Blood Pressure Measurement Devises, is aimed at developing a standard that would be applicable to all wearable BP measuring devises. The goals and vision of the project would guide the decision making process. It is important to consult with the experts before making critical decisions. Some people avoid making critical decisions on the project out of fear that some stakeholders might be uncomfortable with them.

Leadership and governance should be key concerns in project management (Martin, 2002). Failure to set up an appropriate governance structure and the right point of project oversight may lead to project failure. This issue should be solved through hiring a project manager with good organizational and interpersonal skills. In addition, failure to appoint sponsors who lack training and experience to take ownership of the organizations, vision could lead to failure of the project.

For a project to succeed, the roles of the team should be clearly written in order to avoid confusion and omission of some duties. Provide the team with proper training before undertaking the project for better results. In addition, give the team the appropriate requirements that are not vague and train the team on the way to estimate how long the process will take. Estimate without referring to earlier projects for efficiency (Coplan & Masuda, 2011).

Lastly, plan the project to avoid slowing it down, in order to figure out some issues. Include the time schedule for the project in the plan. Responsibilities and roles of the team are indicated in the plan to avoid confusion. Think ahead, foresee potential problems, and address them before implementing the project. Risk management addresses the expected problems and provides the preventive measures.

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