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Qualitative field study is a research method concerned with analysis of population phenomena using non-statistical methods. It uses detailed description as a way of examining certain problems and issues under study. The difference between qualitative and quantitative research is that the latter uses standardized measures, large samples, high structured interview and deductive approaches while on the other hand quantitative research generates easily quantifiable categories and uses statistical techniques to analyze the collected data. Qualitative research is also referred to as inquiry or naturalistic research into our day to day life.

The Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Though both the qualitative and quantitative research methods are designed to build knowledge, they also have some differences. The qualitative explores phenomena while the quantitative tests and confirms hypotheses about a phenomena. Qualitative research describes variation in analytical objectives while the quantitative research quantifies variation. Also the qualitative research describes individual experiences in analytical objectives and explains relationships while the quantitative research describes a populations’ characteristic and also predicting casual relationships. Questions in qualitative research are open-ended while those of quantitative research are closed-ended and have various types too. The data in qualitative research is textual while that in quantitative research are numerical. The qualitative research questions depend on the previous response from the participants while the quantitative research is not affected by the participants’ response. Lastly, the study design in qualitative research is iterative and subject to conditions and statistical assumption in quantitative research.

Benefits of the Qualitative Research

Qualitative approaches are similar in method to clinical social work and assessment. Clinicians in this case use interview as a way of obtaining information from their patients. The social-psychological bases of qualitative research suggest that it is compatible with the person-in-environment paradigm of social work practice. Qualitative research is flexible, has a potential to observe a variety of aspects of a social situation and has an in-depth analysis. A researcher can adjust an interview depending on the response they get from the interviewee. Through adjustments the researcher will have an in-depth understanding of the study.

Application of the Qualitative Research in a Project

Applying the qualitative method in a project could really help. A project needs a lot of information which can only be obtained through research. A research method such as interviewing which is applicable in qualitative research, gives a lot of important information. A researcher can adjust the questions to suit the interviewee’s response. In so doing they are able to obtain more information from the interviewee.

My Response to the Two Students

I agree with the first student (student 1) on his argument regarding qualitative research. The student mentions the use of qualitative research which gives a lot of important information. The student also gives a look at an in-depth analysis which gives the researcher the freedom to adjust an interview according to the response they get from the interviewee. I also agree with second student (student 2) on his definition of qualitative research. He argues that qualitative research indulges itself in the search for quality information. The definition given by student 2 is detailed and is undisputable. I suppose the student did some qualitative research in order to come up with the definition.


Qualitative research is a research method designed to enhance knowledge. It ensures that a researcher has obtained quality information for their project. Qualitative research is flexible and hence gives a researcher the freedom to adjust their questions in an interview. Flexibility allows for in-depth analysis and hence I recommend the research method for use in projects.

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