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Review Writing

History professors have good reasons for assigning their students to write reviews: whether of an exhibit, a movie, a book or other works. First of all, judging from the review essay examples, it is obvious that students will definitely do the practical task: read the assigned book, watch the assigned movie or go to a museum to examine the exhibition they will have to provide a review about. Second, looking at a review essay sample, it is clear that the reviews are easy to write. For example, a simple answer to how to write a book review is read, think, and write. Last but not least writing a review helps students practice their critical thinking skills.

How to Write a Review

Describe the assigned work and discuss the topic you write on. Review Example: if you need to review a biography of Fannie Flagg, provide background information of who she is and why her book(s) would be worth reading. Only after you have provided this necessary information, you can switch over to discussing the chosen book written by the author.

1. Describe the work itself. Review essay tips: focus on the reasons why the author choose a particular topic for the book, what target audience the author was writing for, what the goals of writing were, what the main message of the book is.

2. Having identified the author’s purpose of writing the story or a book, next explain how the author managed to achieve the goals of writing (if he/ she did). Take a look at the review essay example: if the author states in the preface or the introduction that the book is meant to recast the history of the racial discrimination in the USA, you must surely appeal to this fact when evaluating the author’s success in depicting this aspect.

Keep in mind that it is not necessarily required to like the work you are reviewing (whether it is a movie, book or an artwork). However, remember that you should write a critical analysis rather than complaint why the artwork is “not the way you like it.” Please find some review essay examples and see how critical analysis should be implemented in review writing. When you are not satisfied with the length of the book, consider that the authors may be limited in the number of pages that will write. The same is with curators: they might not have enough space for a certain exhibit. Overall, anyone may be limited in the amount of money, resources, etc. given for the project. Therefore, try not to be judgmental but rather evaluate the work as it is and provide some recommendations at the end (if you have them). Try to be constructive in your recommendations. Please see essay writing examples – they will help you write a good recommendation section depending on the Types of essays or essay topics you are assigned.

It may sound formulaic to you, but still there are certain benefits of formulas. Indeed, probably the best kind of preparation to working on a review is looking through an essay sample or academic reviews. For example, an example essay found in Reviews in American History or the American Historical Review may help you in your assignment. Regarding of your institutional affiliation, you can find examples of college essays in academic databases.

When writing college essay samples, it is important for you to remember that any exhibit, book or other artwork has its specific aim and function. Most importantly, you should properly understand what the function is before starting to evaluate it and critically analyze. Your main task when writing a review is to provide explanation to your reader what the reviewed artwork, book, movie, etc. is good for. During the process, you will divide the reviewed work into details and analyze how each works, what function performs, and how contributes to the overall perception.

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