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How to Write a Sociological Essay?

I. Preparatory Stage

1. Carefully read the assignment and come up with a topic if you haven’t been assigned one. Make sure you understand the task and gather some ideas in your mind what you will write about. Which sociological question are you going to answer in the paper?

2. If you have chosen a topic on your own, make sure it is approved by your professor. Clarify all the necessary content and formatting details.

3. Thoroughly research the topic: collect evidence and support them with ample documentation and reliable facts. Which of the gathered data is quantitative (figures, numbers) and which is qualitative (interviews)? See sociological paper examples to get further difference.

4. Read attentively and pay attention to details. One of the most important sociological essay tips is to highlight the most important information and later to systematize it.

5. Take notes. Jot down brief information about the needed sources and make reminders in books or journals opposite concepts that you will write about.

6. Organize the highlighted information into a mind map, a scheme, free writing, a bullet points list, etc.

7. Organize your working area. Make sure you have your notes, pens, nearby. Adjust the lights, make your place comfortable. If you are going to work for a long time, prepare snacks and water in order not to be distracted with your walks to the kitchen.

II. Writing Stage 

Writing an Essay on Sociology

1. Look through a sociological essay example and see how a proper thesis statement should be formulated. It should bring understanding for your readers what you are writing about and what the central argument of your paper is.

2. You will not find it in sociological essay examples, but before starting to work on your rough draft, you should prepare an outline. It will help you write a well-organized and structured sociological writing. Besides, the topic sentences for each paragraph that you will write here will help you ensure that the main body of the essay supports the thesis statement.

3. Write introductory and conclusive paragraphs. Make sure they do not repeat the same information. Introduce a specific example of a sociological issue or problem in the introductory paragraph. Search for some essay writing examples to be sure how to do it.

4. Develop your body paragraphs. Different Types of essays may have their own structure, but here each body paragraph should be centered on a specific main point supported with solid evidence. Try to choose some interesting essay topics to develop, for example, ageism is a popular topic in essay sample.

5. Provide citations. In the example essay, you will see that the most common citation style for essays on sociology is ASA.

III. Proofreading Stage

1. Use spell check. Have you noticed many mistakes in the examples of college essays? I bet no. Therefore, check your paper for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

2. Edit the content carefully. As in college essay samples, your essay should be logical and concise.

3. Read the paper put loud. It might help you notice mistakes that you have overlooked on the first step.

4. Ask a friend or a group mate for a feedback.

5. Look through the guidelines once more.

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