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What I have learnt

Through read chapter 18 of the book, I have leant many things that are related to my job as an account. First, I have learnt about personality. I have been able to learn about various factors that develop personality of an individual. In addition, I began to understand that personality of an individual largely depends on the environment that he or she is in. The issue of personality is greatly related to my job as an account as it enables me to understand the personality exhibited by colleagues at work (Coon and Mitterer, 2012). This will help me understand my colleagues at work especially the way they behave at work. From the book, I have learnt that most of the behavior that an individual develop in the work place largely depends on his or her personality that is motivated by the type of environment that he is in. As the head of the accounting department, I have possibilities to apply the concept of personality and human in managing my subordinates. I can do it by creating conducive environment that will enable them to do their best in the interests of the company as well as of their own.

Minimizing Stress

In order to minimize stress in the work place, psychologists should first understand the sources of such stress. After identifying the sources of stress, they develop the best strategy that can be used to minimize the effect of stress on the employees. In most cases, psychologists have set up counseling department that is empowered to deal with stress management in the work place. The department employees, qualified counselors, are supposed to conduct counseling sections to help employees to develop strategies of overcoming stress. This process largely depends on the nature of stress that an employee is faced. Therefore, the main method that is used by psychologists to minimize work related stress is offering counseling services to the employees to help them to manage stresses that arise from their work.

Useful Information

The section on career development has discussed various aspects that are of great importance to any individual. The section has discussed two important aspects of career that are useful to me. First one is the issue on job security. I have to ensure that my job is secure, thus the section provides me with the right information on what I need to do in order to ensure that my job is secure. Secondly, the issue on how to progress ones career is important to me as it explains what I need to in order to develop my career.

Public Policy

Public policies should be developing in such a way that it takes into account all the needs of the members of the society. Public policies should be aimed at ensuring that families are given first priority. The public policies should address the needs of families where both parents are working or single parent families by ensuring that the parent are given enough time to be with their children. This can be done by ensuring that this category of parents is treated fairly and they are not given night shifts to be at work.

Characteristics of a Leader, Manager or Supervisor

There are traits that I would personally look for in my manager. First, he should have the capability to articulate effectively the goals and missions of the organization. Secondly, the manager should be a visionary leader and have the capacity to develop a vision for my organization. The manager should also be honest, empathetic, and understanding in nature.

Money vs. Job Security

Job security is more important to an employee than money. An employee should be assured that his job is secure rather than have been given a lot of money but his job is insecure. Therefore, as a manager you should first think about developing such working environment that ensure the employees’ secure job before concerning the amount of money that the employees get as compensation.

Changes in Job Security

Over the years, the issues of job security have changed. In previous years, most of the employees were not certain about their tomorrow in their work place as they could easily be dismissed. For a long time these issues have been dealt with through emergency of employees rights and trade union movements. Today employees are assured of their job security through labor laws that require the employer to enhance the job security of his employees.

Under Regulation of the Workplace

There are so many situations when a workplace can be underegulated. When the employees have the freedom to do whatever they want in the workplace and they are not answerable for their action. This is a dangerous trend in any working environment. The workplace is underegulated if the employees are not accountable for their actions. For instance, if financial officer is not accountable to anyone in the organization, this means that the environment in which the officer is working in is underegulated.

My Perfect Dream Job

My perfect dream job would be counseling. I enjoy giving advice and helping people to solve their problems. As a professional counselor, I will have a possibility to help people to overcome life problems, to manage their stress and to assist them in making decisions that determine their success or failure in life. Therefore, counseling would be my career and my perfect dream job because I have a passion of helping others and this job provides such an opportunity. 

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