• How does one order a paper from best-custom-papers.com?

    We enlist a fast, simple process so that students can place their orders quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The process begins when students fill in the order form that is provided on our website. Once playment is received, our professional writing staff immediately goes to work creating the perfect custom written essay. The essay will be returned to the customer within the timeframe specified in the original order and will contain any custom details that the customer requests.

  • Where is best-custom-papers.com located?

    Best-custom-papers.com exists as a United States incorporated academic writing company. Our writers live in all parts of the English-speaking world. We specialize in working with students from the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and other English speaking nations.

  • Is it safe to make credit card payments through your site?

    Absolutely! Any student can pay for his or her paper with any major credit or debit card through PayPal, the safe way to pay for things online. No personal or financial information is retained nor sold by best-custom-papers.com after the transaction has been processed. We maintain a fully secure website so that no third parties are privy to any information entered therein.

  • How do you set your prieces?

    Our reasonable and affordable prices are determined according to the time limit given to our writers, the level of difficulty for the project and similar criteria. Each case is determined individually, and once a price has been determined, this does not change for the customer. We never add on any type of hidden fee or additional cost. The price that is quoted to our customers is the price that the customer is required to pay. Customers may also request to take advantage of our generous discount program. Please contact one of our competent customer service representatives.

  • Does best-custom-papers.com offer money back guarantees?

    By all means! best-custom-papers.com believes that students should not have to take unseemly risks when doing business with a custom essay writing service. Therefore, we eliminate said risk by offering a money back guarantee of customer satisfaction. For a complete list of all terms of our guarantees, please refer to the information on our website.

  • May one choose a specific writer?

    Repeat customers have the opportunity to request any writer that has previously completed an order for them. When placing an order, one is required to click on the option labeled, “I want a specific writer” and to select that writer from the drop-down list that appears on the screen. Customers that fail to request a desired writer using the system above are not guaranteed that the writer that they want will be assigned.

  • Can customers speak directly to the writes that are working on their papers?

    Best-custom-papers.com is one of the few online writing services that enables its customers to have direct communication with the writers that are working on their papers. We know that this type of collaboration can only result in a higher quality paper, one that the customer requests, exactly as the customer wants it.

  • Is there a possibility that any plagiarism will appear in my paper?

    We offer a money back guarantee that no paper sold by best-custom-papers.com will contain plagiarism of any kind. We hire professional editors to scan each paper using state-of-the-art anti-plagiarism software to assure our customers that all writing is 100% original. Once the document has passed the scan, our software generates a report that is presented to the customer upon request. This report assures the customer of the originality of his or her essay.

  • Does best-custom-papers.com keep a database of prewritten essays?

    We do not sell prewritten essays. All essays written by our team of professional writers are 100% original and are written exclusively for the customer that orders them. However, we do keep a number of prewritten essays on our website for the express purpose of use as examples for our student customers.

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