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What a Concept Map Is

A concept map is a perfect tool for systemizing your knowledge and understanding of a specific subject or topic. It heavily relies on the visual, schematic representation of information. A concept map is also called a mind map since it is commonly used by students to organize and memorize large volumes of data. In their turn, educators use this tool for illustrative purposes. A concept map presents a range of interconnected concepts (usually in boxes or circles) joined by arrows or lines to demonstrate relationships. Preparing such a map is not an easy task, and thus concept map writing services are always in demand.

The Main Elements of a Good Mind Map

As a rule, a mind or concept map is built in the form of a diagram. These conceptual diagrams are different from other visual tools and have specific elements and characteristics.

A Range of Concepts Concepts are, obviously, the main elements of a concept map. While analyzing a piece of information, a reader strives to determine specific patterns. Later, these patterns are labeled and included in a diagram.

  • Linking Words. The labels in the diagram are connected with either lines or arrows. To describe the nature of the relationships between concepts, linking words or phrases are used, for example, “requires,” “comprises,” “influences, or” “causes”. They are located right on the lines.
  • Semantic Units. A few concepts with a linking phrase/word form a proposition, which is called a semantic unit or a unit of meaning. These statements allow making conclusions and thus generating new knowledge. In fact, the primary goal of a concept map is to provide a visual representation of such semantic units.
  • Hierarchy. The basis of any concept map is the hierarchical principle. As a rule, the broadest concepts are placed at the top, while more specific elements are positioned below. In such a manner, one should read a mind map down from the top.
  • The Question. Any concept map aims to solve specific problems by answering a focus question. This question is a reference point that defines the logic of the entire thinking process.

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The process of studying requires a person not only to read and memorize information but also to understand and analyze it to be able to use that knowledge in future life and career. To boost the learning process, all tools are fair. Means of visual representation, for example, concept maps, tables, charts, and diagrams, deserve special attention. Mind maps help learners gain a holistic, in-depth understanding of complex topics or phenomena and draw strong connections with the knowledge they possess. In their turn, educators usually give their students this assignment to access their diligence and progress, as well as identify any gaps and points of concern. Therefore, this assignment is very crucial for one’s academic career. A student will have to spend a lot of time and effort to prepare a high-quality concept map. Nevertheless, there is an easier way. You can buy a nursing concept map from our professional concept map writers. Have a day off or focus on other tasks while our experts will be crafting your assignment.

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Inexperienced students might assume that creating a concept map is cushy that will not take them much time and effort. The truth will come out very quickly. As a rule, problems arise right at the very beginning when a student is supposed to develop a good focus question. Determining relevant concepts and drawing effective connections are even more complex and usually confusing. Do not waste your time, order top-notch concept map writing assistance from our professionals today.

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Our experts have a huge experience in writing academic assignments, specifically concept maps. Therefore, they are capable of creating logical and well-structured papers on any topic or focus question. If you buy our concept map writing services, you will get a mind map that:

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  • Will define and show logical relationships between concepts;
  • Will show you prior understanding and expertise in the topic;
  • Will draw connections between available and newly-learned knowledge;
  • Will outline plans for future projects.

When our experts make a concept map online for you, they take into account all requirements that a good assignment is supposed to follow. They not only polish content but also pay specific attention to the visual presentation that is extremely crucial in this case. Our experts have experience with developing hierarchical, spider, system, and flowchart maps, as well as numerous other types. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the quality of the paper you buy from our concept map writing company. We will choose the best font, size, and form of circles or boxes, build a logical hierarchy of concepts, and draw connections using the most appropriate linking words. We guarantee that the paper will follow your specific requirements and general writing standards.

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